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super mario sunshine 64
Excellent version of the famous SuperMario. In this adventure, you must defeat a wicked witch who has sown a terrible curse in your fantasy kingdom.
bicycle run
Wacky bicycle race between a small group of very unlikely characters. You also have to bet on your victory (games with a budget of $ 1000) and then spend the money earned in ever more efficient and expensive bicycles.
bart and homer in mario world
Homer and Bart Simpson are catapulted into the naive world of Mario, the mustachioed plumber and famous. Help them to overcome all the schemes collecting bonuses and destroying the enemy.
due fantagenitori whoa baby
Having a nice platform for the protagonist of ''The Fairly OddParents'', Timmy Turner. You will need to help them overcome the various schemes by eliminating the monsters and bunnies angry spear-cream.
ben 10 ultimate motor
Still a challenge from Ben 10 with a trials bike. You will need to override all obstacles to our hero trying not to do so hood.
100 barzellette selezionate ebook pdf
100 aforismi selezionati ebook pdf
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