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escape the prison
Poor Stickman has been imprisoned unjustly. Help them to escape from prison, making the right choices, without which there will remain dry! Very funny the''wrong choices''! However, there are three ways to escape: a lawyer, a smart and a violent ... you discover them!
christmas dentist
Santa Claus has to think about a lot of things and has no time for himself. His teeth, trascurti, they are so filled with moss and lichen. Help him give a healthy smile well cleaned for Christmas Day.
trollface quest sports
Help the legendary TrollFace to get fit by practicing some sport. The solution for each level, as always, is not obvious ...
swing in kingdom
Do you remember what unscrewed George of the Jungle? Here he is spat against the trunks as usual! Our king must embark on a liana vine, taking as much fruit as possible, and save the men on the rafts adrift. But beware not to get caught in birds, and especially not to beat, as usual, again...(continua)
Fun game vaguely reminiscent of Tetris. You must turn the pieces that come from above to create a link between water discharge of water and sewage. In this way the little man on the right evacuation can easily, without bursting!
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